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iphone-header-banner-leftTodo’s power features are made with workers of all kind in mind. It is simple enough to appeal to the scatter brained and yet puts enough of the control in the user’s hands to be ideal for the meticulous.

At Todo, we strive to make the ultimate organization tool to help individuals get things done more efficiently than ever, so that your whole team can start seeing the results.

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and no place is this more apparent than professional team projects. If one team member is lagging behind, it can slow or even halt progress for the rest of the team. This is why it’s important to maximize the productivity of your whole team. Let Todo help you get your team members organized so you can get the best results out of your collaboration!

1. Create Single Recurring Tasks

We all have day-to-day tasks that need to get done reliably- and in professional team settings, these tasks take on even more importance. Never let a slip of the mind put you in a bind again. Use Todo’s recurring tasks features to set regular checklist items with custom time intervals. You can even set deadlines based on the last time the recurring task was completed. The work we do in today’s businesses is not always straight-forward, but with easy to use solutions from Todo, you can turn even the most hectic schedule into a manageable plan.

2. Set Alerts That Make Sense for You

Need six alerts in 15 minute intervals leading up to your deadline? Need to be reminded about that thing you need to get done as soon as you get home, but not sure when you’ll actually get there?

Unlike other apps, Todo doesn’t limit your ability to set reminders. You may set as many as you want, at any date, time, or location that you want. We know that everyone’s brains are wired a little differently, so we make it possible for you to customize your Todo experience to fit your needs.

3. Collaborate Using Smart Lists

Collaboration can be difficult when you’re working with different personalities and schedules. But thanks to Todo, it doesn’t need to be! Share your lists with everyone on your team, so that they can contribute, check items off, and even assign and take ownership of specific tasks. Keep everyone in your group clued into project progress and easily figure out what needs to be done at any given moment.

4. Convert Emails Into Tasks with Ease

You know how it goes. You check your email while you’re on the go, and you see a message from your supervisor about something that needs to be completed two weeks from now. You make a mental note of it, but fail to add it to your list or to write it down.

Stop letting important tasks get away from you! With the Todo app, you can forward your emails to the Todo app and immediately turn them into tasks. Todo makes it convenient to keep track of your important to-dos, wherever and whenever.

You’ll be amazed how much more you can accomplish with Todo. Quit letting small oversights slow you and your team members down. Download the app today to discover our intuitive interface and advanced suite of helpful features.

This is the second post in a series outlining how business teams are succeeding with Todo Cloud. Keep your eyes out for future posts.

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