Creating Tasks in Todo with Emails

Managing Important Emails

Get Todo Cloud Free.001When you’re sitting at your desk (or on your phone, or iPad, or wherever you access your email), and you get an important email but aren’t in a place to take care of it or it doesn’t have to get taken care of right then, how do you make sure you don’t forget?

Are you guilty of doing the following?

  1. You “star” the email and tell yourself to come back to it later that day.
  2. You mark the email as “unread” because you’re convinced that you’ll be sure to come back to it.
  3. You turn to your wife (or friend, or co-worker) and say, “Don’t let me forget to get to this.”
  4. You write it on a post-it note, or in a notebook.

Guilty? I know that I am. And here’s what’s happened to me in everyone of these scenarios:

  1. The star gets pushed down my inbox and eventually falls to the second page of my inbox. Then unless I consciously went back and filtered my emails for those that are starred, rarely do I ever get back to it in a timely manner.
  2. Similar to scenario one, the “unread” email gets pushed to the second page and the same vicious pattern ensues.
  3. My wife immediately turns to me and says, “Consider yourself reminded.” And your friends and co-workers are so busy that they’ve got their own stuff they’re trying to keep together.
  4. My post-its pile up or I get too many pages ahead in my notebook.

Sound familiar? If it does, you’ll want to listen up.

Todo gives you the ability to create tasks directly from your email. Life saver.

So here’s how I use it. I generally check my emails in the morning and in the evening (with a couple of check-ins throughout the day). As I filter through emails, if I can take care of it then and there, I will. If it’s something that requires a little more time (but I don’t have the time right then) or if it’s not time-sensitive, I’ll quickly forward it to Todo so that I don’t forget about it.

These will show up as a task in my Todo Inbox with the body of the message included in the note. I spend time each day organizing and reviewing my to-dos and tasks and while doing this I am able to assign it to a specific list, prioritize it, set alerts, set due dates, etc..

I now find that my response time to these emails is far quicker and failure rate (not responding) is pretty much null.

Emailing Tasks to Todo

Being able to do this takes a little bit of setup. Here are the details:

  • Log into Todo Cloud Web from your computer’s web browser (
  • Click Settings (upper right corner)
  • Click Account from the left menu
  • Locate the Inbound Task Email, it will look something like this:
  • Tip: Add this email to your contacts for easy access
  • Tip: Use intelligent task parsing to make creating tasks with email even better. Click Here

Happy Todo-ing!


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