What’s coming in the Todo 7.0.1 and Todo Cloud 7.0.1 for iOS updates

Update (4 October 2013):

The 7.0.1 updates are now available on the App Store:

Launching Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 for iOS 7

Thanks everyone for the great launch of Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 last week!

Releasing a new version of Todo is always an exciting time at Appigo and it also makes things get very busy. All of us on the team have been working non-stop to make sure you all get the very best experience using the Todo apps and services.

Keeping up the lines of communication

Since the launch last week, we’ve been working hard to make sure to resolve pertinent issues quickly. We’ve been posting to a Known Issues page in our Help Center, responding as quickly as possible to Twitter, Facebook, and support tickets in the Help Center.

I want to make sure we’re accessible to you. It’s very difficult to respond to any comments or feedback left in App Store reviews because it’s impossible to know who wrote them. I hope if you’ve got any questions or comments for us, you’ll get in contact with us using one of our regular channels I mentioned above.

We’ll be putting together a better community forum where you can participate there as well to get answers, share ideas, etc., so watch for that soon.

What’s coming in Todo 7.0.1 and Todo Cloud 7.0.1

We’ve just submitted version 7.0.1 for App Store approval, but I wanted to share everything that’s coming so you’ll know exactly what to expect. We’ll make sure to broadcast on Facebook and Twitter when the new versions are available.

  • ADDED optimizations to background app refresh with iCloud
  • ADDED a prompt for sync password after upgrading to a new iOS device
  • ADDED delete task option to the quick menu
  • ADDED ability to return to the last viewed screen after you terminate the app
  • ADDED ability to mark a task complete while viewing task details
  • ADDED ability to keep toolbar filter options open throughout the app
  • ADDED option to manually add a phone number to a task without a corresponding contact
  • ADDED ability to complete a task inside the task editor
  • ADDED setting option to show list names on task rows
  • FIXED an issue where some devices would not sync tasks with Todo Cloud because of web cookies being disabled
  • FIXED an issue where some users would experience an app crash when closing task details or a task list
  • FIXED an issue where registering an email could cause the app to crash
  • FIXED an issue where the app could crash when choosing a contact with multiple email addresses
  • FIXED a drag and drop issue in the calendar
  • FIXED an issue where a Todo Cloud prompt would appear when attempting to move a task from one project to another
  • FIXED an issue where some screens where hiding under the navigation bar
  • FIXED the App Store links for the writing a review feature
  • FIXED search text so it’s visible instead of black
  • CHANGED method of navigating into a project/checklist (tap on the row to view subtasks, tap on count to edit details)
  • REPLACED TextExpander with the built-in iOS keyboard shortcuts (Device Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts)

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