What’s New in Todo Cloud 9.0.6

We don’t post whenever we release an update to the app, however with this newest release of Todo Cloud 9.0.6 (released on July 30) we wanted to point out a couple of significant changes that we’re confident will make your Todo-ing more impactful.

Aside from fixing some bugs here and there, there are two key changes that we want you to be made aware of:

Calendar View

This was a feature of previous versions of Todo and due to popular demand, we’ve added it back (+ some). The Calendar View is meant to give you even more control over how you view, plan, schedule and edit your upcoming tasks. To enable the Calendar View, you’ll select the Calendar icon when viewing tasks within a specific list.

Here is what you can do with the Task Calendar View:

View what days you have tasks due
Dates that are bolded have tasks due on that day. This is helpful when scheduling your tasks.

Filter tasks by date
Selecting specific dates (or just one day) in Calendar View will enable you to see only tasks that are active or due on those selected date(s). This is very helpful when you are trying to get a snapshot of how busy a specific time period is.

Drag and Drop tasks to change due dates
When entering Task Edit mode (done by either long pressing a specific task or by selecting “Edit tasks” in the new List Options Menu…more about that below), you are able to drag and drop tasks (one or some) onto a specific date in the calendar and assign a new due date. In this mode, you are also able access the Quick Menu where you can also reschedule tasks as well as apply other changes to one or some of your tasks in this specific view. Having access to both drag and drop within Calendar View and the Quick Menu (doing both together is new to Todo Cloud 9.0) makes editing and scheduling tasks much quicker.

List Options Menu

We’ve now provided you a “List Options” menu at the top right of the app when you are within a specific list. This enables quick access to key functions you’ll take within that list.

Here’s what’s available:

Smart Lists
When working within a Smart List (e.g. Everything, Focus, Important, etc.), you are able to select:

  • Edit Smart List – this gives you access to the specific Smart List’s settings
  • Edit Tasks – this puts you into Edit Mode where you can use the Quick Menu or make edits using the Calendar View (if enabled)

Calendar View.002

Custom Lists
When working within a Custom List (e.g. Home, Work, Gym, etc.), you are able to select:

Calendar View.003

We hope you enjoy these additions to Todo Cloud. If you like what you’re seeing, we’d love for you to leave us a positive review on the App Store. Thanks!

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