Todo Cloud Basic price changes

Starting on May 10, 2019, we are making some changes to our Todo Cloud Basic pricing and package so we can better support our users. This is part of a new plan to provide more and better features for our paying users.

If you are a paying user and have a Premium or Subscription plan, the new pricing will not affect you. You will continue to have access to all the great features that Todo offers including:

  • Sync across all your devices- Web, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android
  • Use of the powerful Smartlists to make custom views of your tasks
  • Sharing of your tasks and lists with your family, friends, and business associates
  • Triggering custom workflows using our all new Siri shortcuts
  • All the standard task, project, checklist and other powerful features you have enjoyed for years.

If you never subscribed to our service, never paid a subscription fee or if you have expired, the new pricing will include a few limitations such as limiting the number of tasks projects, and checklists you can use for free. We still will provide you with this powerful Todo system, but there will be an upper limit of how many tasks and projects you can use for free.

This price change allows us to focus our best features on our paying users while still allowing free users to benefit from a very powerful task list and project app. For more specific price and package details, see our Pricing page.


Q: Who do these tasks, project and list limits affect?

A: They affect free users or current users who have allowed their subscription to expire.

Q: What are the actual, specific limits that are being enacted?

A: These maximum limits are the following: Tasks-50, Projects-10, Lists-3. If you have 10 projects you will not be able to add another project on the Basic account and it will limit your tasks to 40. If you have 1 project, you will be able to have 49 tasks on the Basic account.

Q: What happens if I already have more tasks or projects and my subscription is expired? Will I be able to access my data?

A: Yes, you can still access, update and change all of your existing data no matter how many tasks you have. But if you are a free user, you will not be able to add new Tasks, Projects, or Lists if you have already exceeded the maximum. Instead, you will see a paywall where you can subscribe.

Also, this affects only active tasks and projects. If you delete some, you can continue to add new ones under the Basic plan.

Q: Won’t this discourage people from using or trying out your Todo app?

A: We still provide a majority of our basic and powerful features for free. These free features include sync to all platforms, organizing lists, powerful task details. We hope it will encourage people to pay our very reasonable and competitive prices so we can continue to develop amazing features.

Q: What kinds of features are paid vs free? What are the amazing features that I would be paying for?

A: In summary, the paid features for Premium or subscription users are:

  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and lists
  • Sharing of lists and tasks
  • Smartlists- custom search and filters
  • Siri shortcuts- custom workflows and trigger events
  • Advanced Reminders and task details