Todo on Apple Watch is Ready!

At Appigo, we’re confident that Apple Watch will be a huge success with you, our users. There are tons of practical use cases for getting updates and doing quick tasks right from your wrist instead of breaking out your iPhone. It’s just natural!

Our latest update for iOS, Todo 8.2.3, has lots of great new features, including much easier collaboration. It also has support for Apple Watch.

You can work with Todo on your Apple Watch in four different ways:

  • Glance
  • Notifications
  • Todo for Apple Watch
  • Voice

Todo on your iPhone works in concert with Todo for Apple Watch.

Productivity at a Glance

Glance on Todo for Apple WatchA natural way to access information on Watch is with Glance: lift your wrist and the screen lights up to display the time. Swipe up to navigate between the Glance views of your active apps.

We designed the Todo Glance to show you the next three tasks on your current list. If you navigate into a list, project, or checklist on your iPhone, Todo remembers that list and Glance will show you the next three tasks in that list. If you’re not in a list, Glance will show you the next three tasks in your Focus List.

In addition to showing the next three tasks, Glance also gives you an attractive graphical view of how many tasks are completed in that current list, project, or checklist.

To do more, just tap on Glance, and the Todo for Apple Watch app will launch and display your current list.

 Task Notifications

Notifications on Todo for Apple WatchTime and location alerts are great because lots of tasks need to be done at a particular time or place. Apple Watch Notifications make this even better because you can be reminded of things without having to pull out your iPhone. When a notification comes in you’ll feel a slight vibration. Lift your wrist and you get a short summary. Look a little longer, and the Notification expands to show more information.


With Todo you’ll see the name of the task, due date and due time, and task notes, if the task has them. Three buttons appear at the bottom to let you mark the task complete, ask for a reminder in 15 minutes, or just acknowledge the reminder.




Todo App on Apple Watch

List Screen on Todo for Apple Watch


You can launch the full Watch app from:

  • Glance
  • Notification
  • Watch icon screen

The main lists screen lets you scroll through your built-in lists and custom lists. You can scroll by flicking up and down, or by scrolling the Digital Crown.







Tasks on Todo for Apple Watch




You need access to just the right amount of information on your Watch — not too little, not too much —  so we made it possible for you to see, and navigate through, all of your task lists, projects, and checklists.

Tap on a list to look at tasks. You can mark a task complete right from the list.





Task List on Todo for Apple Watch




Todo checklists are great, and Apple Watch makes them even better. If you’re out shopping, you want to be able to look quickly and see what’s on your list. Pulling out your iPhone is a little too much trouble — raising your wrist to see what to get next is so much easier! Here’s a Todo checklist on Watch:











Tap on a task to see its details. You can change the due date, mark the task complete, or delete it.







Just Use Your Voice

Todo Voice on Apple Watch Finally, one of the coolest thing about Watch is how quickly you can create new tasks. The Todo for Apple Watch app lets you create a new task with voice input. From any list screen, do a long press and you can create a new task. It’s really easy!

We also made it super-easy to build checklists with several items using your voice. Just separate your items with the word “comma,” and you’ll get multiple items.






Wrist Productivity Will be Huge!

Making Todo work on Apple Watch is a natural fit for Appigo: we just know that our users are going to want the convenience of managing their tasks right from your wrists!

Download the latest version of Todo now so you’re ready for your Apple Watch.

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