Todo 7

Update (18 Sept 2013): The app is now live on the App Store: Todo 7

Note: Todo Pro customers do not have to buy the Todo 7 app. We’re renaming Todo Pro to be “Todo Cloud”. Once you install iOS 7, Todo Pro should automatically upgrade to Todo Cloud 7.

Here is a little teaser comparing the new Todo 7 interface with the current Todo on the App Store.

Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 are designed to take full advantage of Apple’s latest iOS features (like background sync) which means they require iOS 7. They are also new apps which in the case of Todo 7 will require a purchase like any other new app.

The App Store does not have a mechanism to provide discounts for existing users so for the first 24 hours we’re setting the price at $1.99. Oh, I should mention that both Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 are universal apps that will run on all of your iOS devices.

Updated:Just to be clear, Todo Cloud 7 is a free app for subscribers of the Todo Cloud (formerly Todo Pro) service.

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