Starting is a 4-letter word to some. It is definitely the hardest part of difficult work. But figuring out how to do it well is clearly a key to productivity success.

So, how do you get yourself to start something that you dread?

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A few ideas come to mind:

  • Create external accountability
  • Put a reward at the end of the work
  • Face the negative consequence
  • Create a scheduled meeting for the thing.
  • Break things down into small achievable chunks
  • Map out all the parts and pieces of the work
  • Crawl, walk then run
  • Talk yourself through the process of starting, out loud.

The reason I am thinking about this is because I stopped exercising 3 months ago despite knowing I need it.

I have lots of ‘good reasons’ why I don’t have enough time. I’ve been here before too and the two things that have helped me in the past are to force an appointment that I respect and to walk before I run, literally and figuratively.

But, I got in my 1st workout today. Is it a blip or the beginning of a new start? We will see.

The key today was getting into my workout clothes as soon as I got out of bed. That was a ‘pre-commitment’ but it still took me 4 hours to start.

What are your stories of success?