Planning is the Pits

But it is so very critical to productivity success. And too few people have a system for daily doing it. Here is ours. Tell us what yours is in the comments.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Choose a consistent time to plan. Most people plan either at the end of their day or first thing in the morning.💡Tip: having trouble sticking to a daily planning time? Schedule a recurring task reminder in Todo Cloud!
  2. Open Todo Cloud and the communication tools where your tasks are.
  3. Review progress toward your goals by reviewing your tasks
  4. Use the calendar view to set start and due dates. Drag and drop your tasks to your calendar to prioritize. 
  5. Then create custom Smart Lists to keep track of your tasks progress:
    • Tasks completed in the last 7 days. 
    • Tasks starting in the next 7 days
    • Tasks with due dates in the next 7 days
    • Tasks with high priority
    • Tasks without start or due dates.
    • All other tasks
  6. Make adjustments to any task dates and priorities. Add notes, assign items to other people, and send follow-up communication to get updates. 
  7. Cycle through your email, calendars, text messages, and notes and add tasks to Todo Cloud.

I know what you might be thinking. 

That is a long process and I don’t have time to do that. 

Truth is, you might be right at first glance, but that time spent now on planning and organizing is what would transform your productivity tomorrow. 

This is a proven process that keeps important things from getting lost. But, you might have an even more thoughtful process. If so, please take a moment and send us an email with your planning process. We’d love to learn from you!

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