Grocery Shopping with a Shared Checklist

Todo makes grocery shopping a breeze. Not the actual shopping part, it can’t help that, but the “honey I had no idea you needed that” or the “honey I told you on Monday on the way to baseball not to forget to buy that” part. Let’s take a look at one feature that will change the way you shop together.

Todo Shared Lists

Todo allows you to share to-do lists with others: co-workers, spouses, friends, children, etc. Lists can consist of projects, tasks, sub-tasks or simple check-lists. Within these Shared Lists each contributor can add a to-do, edit to-dos (e.g. due dates, who it’s assigned to, to-do priority, etc.) and leave comments for others to see. These features empower “teams”, of any type or size, to get stuff done. And it’s really easy to share a list with someone:



Grocery Shopping with a Shared Checklist

Using a Shared List to plan, track and check-off items together will make a world of difference for you. Setting it up is easy:

  • Create a “Shopping” or “Groceries” list in Todo
  • Share that list with your spouse – you’ll want to make sure that you’re both Todo Cloud users
  • Start adding items that you need to buy

Here are two scenarios that couples are using Shared Lists in this way: grocery shopping planning and in-store.

  • Planning – both of you have the ability to add items to a list. What you add, your partner sees and vice versa. That way, when you’re at the store, or they’re at the store, there’s no need to remember what you discussed on your way to baseball on Monday, it’s all on your list.
  • In-store – this is a common occurrence for our users. A husband sends a text message, “Honey, I’m headed to the store, is there anything else you need?” In the meantime his wife gets on their Shared List and begins adding last-minute items (e.g. Something she forgot to get for dinner tonight, toilet paper because they’re almost out, Cadbury Mini Eggs to fill a craving, etc.) Because Todo Cloud syncs automagically both of them can see what the other adds to the list in real-time.

Go give it a shot. You’ll thank us later.


Meet Todo – the powerful to-do and task list app.

From grocery shopping to completing work projects on time, no to-do is too small or too large for Todo. With more than 70 million tasks completed, Todo is one of the most popular, powerful and award-winning to-do and task list apps ever. Todo is used by millions for getting things done and is powering productivity everywhere.


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