How the Dropbox change affects Todo

If you have previously had older versions on Todo linked to Dropbox, you might have received a warning email from Dropbox.  They have made substantial changes to their backend connectivity and Appigo is no longer supporting syncing using Dropbox.  Last year we released a very improved and updated version of Todo Cloud with our own sync process built in. For our small team to keep working on new features for you, its not feasible for us to be able to keep up with multiple sync technologies (like Apple iCloud also). So we had to make the hard decision to drop support for outside sync like Dropbox offers.

We encourage you to take advantage of our newer app, Todo Cloud, where sync is free and you also get all the new features we’ve been rolling out this last year.  Todo Cloud is the app where we are putting all our focus and energy and most of the goodness is free.  There is a monthly subscription option for advanced features. If you want detailed steps on how to switch over from Dropbox sync to Todo Cloud, they can be found here on our support site.

Thank you for being such a loyal Todo user and be on the look out for some exciting announcements about support for more platforms coming up soon!

The Appigo Team