How a Working Parent Uses Todo Cloud

Mark is married with 4 children- ages 8, 13, 16, and 18, and has a demanding job as a medical school professor and physician. He’s dedicated to his work, and he’s also a committed family man, but it can often be difficult to balance the two. Todo Cloud keeps him on track at work and at home, plus it helps him keep the two separate, which is important to him.

Mark was introduced to Todo Cloud by his wife, who has had a lot of success using the app to manage her own hectic lists of tasks. Mark has found that the convenience of having his phone track his home and work tasks has allowed him to clear his head from distractions in both environments, and eased the burden of juggling items on his busy schedule. Here’s a look into some of Mark’s lists, and how they’re helping him have more time for the things that are important to him.

1. Honey-Do List

Mark has a shared list with his wife that allows them to collaborate on tasks she’d like him to do or help with. The app notifies him when a task is assigned to him, and in-task notes ensure clear communication on what his wife needs his help with. Whether this means picking up groceries on his way home or helping his daughter with a school project, Mark can stay on top of things that are helpfully recorded, and not stated in passing while he has work on his mind.

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2. Kid’s Activities

Marks’ kids are incredibly active and participate in a variety of sports, artistic endeavors, and other extracurriculars. It’s important to him to ensure that he is involved and participates with them. Like many, he uses his calendar to schedule when these are and to ensure that he doesn’t overbook his time and uses Todo Cloud to make sure he doesn’t miss any details that would prevent them from participating. This is a joint effort with his wife. They have a shared list that includes things like deadlines registration fees, medical requirements, etc. that their children need to have done so that they are always involved.

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3. Work Commitments

Because Mark works in academics, there are a lot of workplace commitments he has to manage outside of his normal work hours. Between networking, office hours, and appointments with patients, he has a lot to get done in a day. It’s important for him to keep track of these items so that he doesn’t get in over his head on what he commits to. Because he’s able to convert emails straight to tasks in the Todo app, he’s able to stay on top of commitments he makes to his students, and ensure that no one falls between the cracks. Staying organized is beneficial for him, his students, his patients, and his family!


Mark is finding that Todo Cloud helps him find balance between the work that he finds so fulfilling and the family that he loves so much. As a professor, it’s incredibly important to him that his students are getting the most out of his classes and the opportunities provided to them by their education. As a physician, it’s incredibly important to him that his patients feel cared for and confident in his abilities as a doctor. As a father, it’s even more important to him that he be there for his kids and wife, and that he is an active participant in his family’s life. With Todo Cloud, he is better able to do all of those things!

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