Using Corkulous to Learn

Here at Appigo we are always trying to bring the best apps to you, and for good reason, to make your life easier. Often times we see our apps being used in ways we didn’t intend for them to be used. Sometimes the ideas are just plain awful and really only create more work. Other times they are great! We want to highlight a few ways that you can use your apps to make your life easier. Watch for more great ideas on our blog to use our apps for things you may have never thought of.

Many of our customers use Corkulous, a digital cork board that lets you plan and organize just about anything. Corkulous does it all, from planning out home repairs to laying out the storyboard of a new movie you are filming. Have you ever thought you could use Corkulous for educating young children?

Corkulous can be used as a great matching game for learning. With the built camera feature, you can take pictures of different things, add sticky notes with the names of those specific items and then allow the children to play an educational matching game. Eventually you can let them take their own photos and write the names of different items as a more challenging activity. What else have you used our apps for? Do you have a great idea you would love to share? Send an email to and if we love it, we may add it to our blog!

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