Using Checklists at Work

You can use checklists to ensure that you and your team are delivering high quality work on a consistent basis. Using checklists keeps you honest about your work and ensures that all the little details that go into a high-quality finished project are accounted for. Let’s take a look at how we do this at Appigo.

We post to our blog often. We’re a small and nimble team, so we need to move fast but we can’t afford to miss anything. Every time we post a blog, there are a handful of tasks that we need to make sure are either completed or considered. Here’s what it looks like for us:

We’ve created a checklist in our “Marketing” list titled “Posting to the Appigo Blog”. Having team members go through this checklist ensures that each post follows established guidelines and best practices. The checklist goes into effect after a team member loads it in wordpress (which we use to manage our website). Here’s what’s included in the list:

  • Create a unique tracking url – we use this in promotion to enable us to attribute app installs to specific blogposts
  • Insert the Todo boiler plate at the bottom of the post
  • Embed assigned video or insert an image into the post when there is no assigned video – images should be center justified and be the same width as the text
  • Create and assign a “Feature Image” to the post
  • Consider linking to other pages on – best practice is to do at least one, maybe two internal links
  • Hit “Preview” and ensure that images are displaying properly
  • Schedule the post per content schedule
  • Hit “Schedule” or “Publish”
  • Schedule social promotion per content schedule

Each time we have a blog post written and ready to post, we use this checklist. Here’s how it works:

  • We go to the “Posting to Appigo Blog” and access the Quick Menu through a long hold to duplicate the checklist
  • We then go and rename the checklist to something like, “Post – ‘Using Checklists at Work’ Blogpost”
  • We then assign a due date for when it needs to be posted by
  • We then assign the team member who is in charge of posting and alerts and reminders leading up to the assigned date.
  • When the post is ready, the assigned team member then uses the checklist as described above and voila, we have high-quality content that is posted per our established standards.

Use it at your business:

There are countless tasks and job responsibilities that this can apply to. Manufacturing companies, supply chain companies and even cleaning services have similar processes to ours. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you identify how you can use checklists to improve your product/service:

  • What are the most common tasks that my employees/team performs?
  • What are our common failing points as a team and can I sure up processes with a checklist?
  • Which tasks consistently get done inconsistently by my team?

Go and give it a try. If you’re already a Todo user, we’d love to know how you use checklists to make your life better. Hit us up on Twitter (@appigo) or on our Facebook page.

Happy Todo-ing!


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