URL Task Actions

If you’ve installed Todo 7 and used it at all, then you’ve probably seen the following in the task editor.


This will allow you to add an action to your task. You can link contacts to your task so you can call, text, email them, or bring up the maps app with their address pinned. You can also create a URL action.  

You might wonder why you’d want a task with a URL tied to it. It can be used to simply visit a website at some later time, but you can also use it to perform other actions. For example, let’s say that I really wanted you to write up a review of Todo on the iTunes App Store. I could ask you to do it, but you might not have time right now. A better option is if I could place a task in Todo that had an action button that would open the App Store right to Todo 7 so you could easily write a review. Something like this:


All of this is possible with Todo 7 and just to prove it to you, click here or click the task image above to import the task. If you are on your device, you will be prompted to import a task (it will go into your Inbox). That task has a link to take you right to Todo 7 in the app store so you can help out and write an awesome review! Enjoy!

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