Todo/Todo Pro X.0.6 Update (6.0.6 for iOS, 2.0.6 for Mac)

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Thank you for your feedback from our last release. We’ve incorporated many of your suggestions and hope you enjoy the new functionality!

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Quick Menu

Organize your tasks quickly, your way

We introduced the Quick Menu feature (tap and hold a task) in a previous release, but if you haven’t started using it yet, you could be wasting valuable time. You can customize the Quick Menu to your liking (Todo > Settings > Quick Menu) for the features you use the most when organizing your tasks. When you want to use the Quick Menu, it’s always ready. Just tap and hold a task and you’ll get access to your favorite features.
In version 6.0.6, we’ve added “No start date” as a new option for the Quick Menu so you can quickly remove start dates when you no longer need them.

Sharing Improvements

Quickly see which lists you’re sharing with others

Sharing tasks with others is an option when connecting with Todo Pro. In this update, we’ve changed up the list icons a little bit so it’s even easier to see which lists have shared tasks. We’ve also updated reminder alerts to never interrupt you with alerts that are assigned to other members of your team.

Start Date Settings

Take control of when your tasks show up

In the previous Todo update we introduced Start Dates as a way to help you get a head start on things you need to do. Many of you helped us identify ways to use start dates even better. We’ve now added a few more options.
General Start Date Settings (Todo > Settings > General > Hide Tasks Starting After). Use this setting to hide tasks that start in the future from appearing in your normal “Next Three Days”, “Future” lists.
Focus List Start Date Settings (Todo > Settings > Focus > Use Task Start Dates [On|Off]). Change this setting to “Off” to prevent the Focus List from pulling in tasks by their start date.

Here is the full list of changes that went into the Todo and Todo Pro X.0.6 update (6.0.6 for iOS, 2.0.6 for Mac).

New for iOS:

  • New “No start date” option in the Quick Menu (tap & hold options)
  • Fixed an issue with the Focus List where tasks were appearing incorrectly
  • Restored full Wi-Fi sync to Microsoft Outlook (requires Appigo Sync for Windows)
  • …and more (keep reading>

New for iOS & Mac:

  • New list icon to indicate a list is shared
  • New start date settings for hiding tasks
  • New email notification settings
  • Suppressed alerts for tasks assigned to others
  • …and more (keep reading)

And more:

  • Fixed an issue that was linking to the wrong Todo app on the App Store when an update is detected
  • Fixed an issue where start dates would not be removed from a task after a sync with
  • Fixed an issue so project subtasks are shown if the project matches the current member/tag/context filter
  • Fixed an issue where badge counts would get out of date after moving a subtask out of a project
  • Fixed an issue repeating a task with a start date
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping completed tasks past the setting specified
  • Fixed an issue with the “repeat on x day of the week” option
  • Fixed an issu where the Focus List would incorrectly hide tasks when starred setting was on
  • Fixed an issue preparing the diagnostic report when synchronizing through Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue that was overwriting location alerts when synchronizing through Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue where devices could get out of sync when deleting a task list when synchronizing through Dropbox
  • Fixed an issue adding multiple comments (Todo Pro feature)
  • Fixed an issue that would delete tasks recently moved out of a project if the project was immediately deleted before synchronizing
  • Fixed a selection issue when editing a tag (Mac)
  • Fixed an issue with the member filter to make sure “Delete Task” doesn’t appear as one of the options (Mac)

New for the Todo Pro Service (

  • Added new consolidated email notification settings
  • Added a more obvious time to close the time picker
  • Added new start date filtering
  • Added new shared list indicator
  • Added support to drag and drop multiple tasks at a time
  • Added start date details to email change notifications
  • Added logic to automatically assign new tasks the current filtered context, tag, and assigned user
  • Added a feature to not alert you of tasks assigned to others
  • Fixed the subscription purchase page to not clear the cart if refreshing the page
  • Fixed some issues with dragging and dropping tasks
  • Fixed an issue filtering projects
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing tasks from synchronizing properly after moving tasks into a project
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the due time from being displayed when editing a task
  • Fixed an error to prevent an error when changing your username
  • Fixed a counting issue counting tasks in the starred list
  • Fixed an issue which was incorrectly hiding tasks with the starred property enabled
  • Fixed an issue that was modifying task due times when dragging tasks to the calendar
  • Fixed an issue to close the custom alerts after hitting save
  • Fixed an issue with the task recurrence editor
  • Fixed an issue with long context names wrapping
  • Fixed an issue in the member assignment drop down menu
  • Fixed a drag and drop issue in Internet Explorer

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