Todo/Todo Pro 6.0.8 Update for iOS – Better Task List Sharing

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Even though we’re hard at work on something really exciting for iOS 7, we thought we’d make a quick update to make sharing task lists even better in iOS.

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Task List Sharing Notifications

Share tasks with others in no time!

If you’ve never tried sharing a task list, you’re missing out. One of my most-used lists is a “Groceries” list that I share with my wife. It makes life so much easier for us. No matter where I am, if I think of something we need from the store, I add it to our Groceries list. My wife does the same.

When either of us is at the grocery store, even if it’s for a quick stop, our shared list makes it’s simple to see if there’s anything we need. It’s reduced our stress level significantly!

In this update (version 6.0.8), we’ve enhanced the way you share lists with others so it’s extremely simple to get them set up. When someone shares a list with you, you’ll see a little envelope button appear when viewing your tasks, which is an indication that someone’s shared a list with you. Tap on the button and see new list invitations right from the app. You’ll be presented with the option to accept or decline the sharing invitation.

Just as a reminder, this is a feature of the Todo Pro service (connect with either the Todo or Todo Pro apps to your Todo Pro account). From your lists screen, tap the ‘i’ button next to a list to see sharing options.

If you’ve never tried sharing a task list with Todo Pro, now’s the perfect time!

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