Todo & Todo Cloud 7.0.3 – Get Stuff Done Quickly!

Improved Quick Menu in Todo & Todo Cloud 7.0.3

hope the new year has inspired you to plan something awesome! We’ve been working hard so Todo can help you realize your goals and keep you on track. Here’s what’s new in version 7.0.3:


  • Improved Quick Menu (faster and configurable in settings – tap and hold a task to show the Quick Menu)
  • Improved screen navigation (swipe to dismiss screens now works)
  • Improved display of projects and checklists when shown in lists with other tasks
  • Improved swipe indicator in bottom toolbar
  • Improved workflow to open a project or checklist immediately after creating one
  • Added the “postpone” option back into the Quick Menu
  • Added new app launching options that now support x-callback-url (see the details here)
  • Added an option to support repeating tasks on the last day of the month
  • Added scroll-to-top functionality when tapping on the status bar when viewing tasks
  • Updated support for the new TextExpander (requires manual refresh of snippets in Settings > General > TextExpander > Update Snippets)
  • Fixed a problem where the dash character was not being interpreted correctly when using Intelligent Task Parsing


Note: An updated version of Todo & Todo Cloud version 6 (for devices that cannot upgrade to version 7) is also on the way and includes some important bug fixes. Stay tuned!

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