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Yesterday we released Todo Pro for Android to Google Play in open beta.

When we launched the Todo Pro service back in November of 2012 we quickly realized most groups and small businesses using Todo Pro were in mixed device environments. We had a lot of requests to build an Android version. With some excellent help from volunteers in beta testing the product, we’re pleased to release a stable beta to the public on Google Play.
Google Play App Store Badge

In developing the Todo Pro for Android, we’ve tried to make it feel like it belongs on Android. At the same time we’ve brought along all of the great tools, power, shortcuts, and experience that make Todo Pro so great. Android devices come in many different shapes and forms and with a lot of different options. We’ve tried to support most of the devices so you can use it if you have a device running Android 2.1 Eclair or newer. This is still beta software, but we feel it’s ready to use with your day-to-day tasks. We want to make sure it gets full exposure to all of the devices that will be running it.

One other note. We may be veterans on Apple’s App Store but we’re new to Google Play. Help us out by sharing your excitement in a review. The reviews will help boost the search of Todo Pro for Android and give it more exposure on Google Play.

A special thanks to all our Beta users. You were a huge help!

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