Todo Pro for Android – First Closed Beta

Todo Pro App LogoThe Todo Pro for Android app is coming along very nicely. We haven’t added every feature yet, but you can now sync, view, and use your tasks on Android now!

One of our biggest motivations to build the Android app is to help groups of people (teams) work more efficiently with Todo Pro. As much as we love the iOS and Mac platforms, teams throughout the world have people with various mobile devices and we want Todo Pro to work well for everyone.

If you signed up for exclusive access to the Todo Pro for Android “Beta” versions, we promised to give you first-hand access to the beta builds. You should have a new email with a link where you can download the beta.

Note: If you would like to get the link to the next beta build of Todo Pro for Android, make sure you sign up:

For more details about what’s included in the beta build, or to give specific feedback, please visit the Todo Pro for Android Beta page in our Help Center.

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