Todo and Todo Pro X.0.4 Update (6.0.4 for iOS, 2.0.4 for Mac)

Todo Pro App Logo Edited: February 20, 2013 (the updates are now available)

We’re constantly improving the Todo and Todo Pro apps and service. Todo, Todo for iPad, and Todo Pro 6.0.4 for iOS are now available on the App Store. Todo for Mac and Todo Pro for Mac 2.0.4 are now available on the Mac App Store.

We’re here for you! If you ever need help or have a question, visit our new Help Center ( You can read tips and tricks about using our products and even submit a request to get personalized help.

New in Todo/Todo Pro 6.0.4 for iOS:

  • Added new tap and hold options (Settings > Quick Menu)
  • Added “Intelligent Task Parsing” when creating new tasks
  • Added a user preference to launch Google Maps instead of the built-in iOS maps when using visit a location task
  • Many bug fixes (See below)
  • NOTE:Appigo Sync has been discontinued and is no longer included in Todo. If you wish to continue synchronizing tasks with a working version of Appigo Sync, do not install this update.

New in Todo/Todo Pro 2.0.4 for Mac:

  • Added “Intelligent Task Parsing” when creating new tasks
  • Added auto-sync when obtaining a new network connection and awaking from sleep with Todo Pro and Dropbox sync services
  • Added ability to filter “unassigned” tasks
  • Added code to schedule task alert notifications using Notification Center so they will still work when Todo is not running
  • Added ability to set default alert for new tasks
  • Many bug fixes (See below)

Fixed in iOS and Mac versions:

  • Fixed an issue to ask for a confirmation when converting a project with subtasks to a checklist
  • Fixed an issue where we weren’t notifying the UI when a context is deleted
  • Fixed an issue with timezone offsets so daylight savings time is handled properly
  • Fixed advanced repeating options (e.g. repeat on last Thursday of month in January)
  • Fixed an issue that was leaving an extra comma in the advanced repeat options
  • Fixed an issue with tag filtering which caused tags that are substrings of larger tags to appear in filter results
  • Fixed an issue which prevented our tasks from sorting alphabetically across iOS/Mac/Web versions

Fixed in iOS versions:

  • Fixed an issue importing checklists into projects for Todo Pro users
  • Fixed and issue with updating task notifications when a task’s due date is changed by a special quick menu action
  • Fixed issue where the filter bar was being shown incorrectly in the lists view on the iPad
  • Fixed an issue switching to a different sync service when connected with Toodledo
  • Fixed an issue where a full keyboard was appearing during a passcode prompt instead of a keypad in iOS 5.1
  • Fixed a display issue when tapping the “Touch to switch to the project” option
  • Fixed issue which prevented badge count from updating when moving subtasks into a checklist
  • Fixed an issue with bulk assigning tasks to a context
  • Fixed an issue which prevented a custom color for a task list to be forgotten when creating a new task list
  • Fixed issues found in the German and Chinese translations

Fixed in Mac versions:

  • Fixed an issue where default list options didn’t update when changing lists
  • Fixed an issue to allow copy/paste to work with checklists inside of projects (Todo Pro users)
  • Fixed an issue copying and pasting checklist items
  • Fixed an issue where inbox tasks would duplicate when switching back and forth between Toodledo and Dropbox sync
  • Fixed an issue with picking the Dropbox folder
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the interface from updating when a context is modified
  • Fixed an issue with badge counts when changing settings which affect how the badge counts are calculated
  • Fixed an issue where the due date field would sometimes replace the task title with the entered text
  • Fixed an issue which was cutting off the description text of Todo Pro in synchronization preferences
  • Fixed issue where the last-used list is not remembered if the sidebar is hidden
  • Fixed an issue to update the Todo window title when selecting a different list
  • Fixed an issue to prevent problems when attempting to set an invalid repeat type
  • Fixed an issue which would use a default alert time to December in the year 4000 when adding alerts to tasks with no due date
  • Fixed issue to prevent an alert offset to be specified for tasks with no due date
  • Fixed an issue where an alert would disappear after creating and clearing two alerts
  • Fixed an issue where setting default list options wouldn’t update properly
  • Fixed an issue where a checklist item would remain completed when repeating a project which contains a checklist

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