To-do List App vs Pen and Paper, What is Best?

Whether it’s better to use pen and paper to keep track of daily tasks or to utilize a to-do list manager such as Todo is a question worth pondering. Despite amazing advances in the technology of maintaining a to-do list, some individuals are accustomed to using paper and pen. Looking at both methods and what each has to offer might make it easier to choose one over the other.


To-do list
Writing it down may work for some but not everyone.

Pen and Paper

Some people rely heavily on pen and paper to-do lists. This is likely because they have always created lists this way and have not experienced the convenience and benefits of the Todo app. Most advocates of pen and paper lists actually enjoy the physical art of writing. But paper lists have some obvious drawbacks. For instance, they can become messy as items are added or crossed through. A piece of paper is easy to forget or misplace and since there is only one copy, the list cannot easily be shared with others.

Structuring a To-do List

Keeping it simple when creating a to-do list is the easiest approach to task organization. Putting too much on the to-do list complicates it, making it hard to follow. This is particularly true when using pen and paper. If changes are made, items get crossed out or new ones are highlighted to lend clarity. Todo makes it simple to edit tasks across all devices and on shared lists. In addition, while editing is restricted using paper notes, Todo permits editing by family members or co-workers.

The Cloud

Storing data in the cloud makes retrieval possible on any device you use. For instance, Todo apps work with iOS platforms such as iPad, iPhone, and Mac or Android devices. With Todo, your data is stored in the cloud, which makes it possible to sync it between all your devices. You can even sync to iCloud or Dropbox. This is an important advantage, since for many task-oriented individuals, multiple devices have become a way of life.

Team Collaboration

Todo Cloud makes it possible to share tasks between members of a team. Easy task input and multiple task alerts keep everyone on the same page. You can assign a task to team members, monitor ongoing work and program an alert letting you know when the task is done. In addition, the team can interact using the task lists to make sure the project meets its deadline.


To-do list
Calendar views in Todo make it easy to visualize to-do tasks.

Using a Calendar

Todo makes it possible to see tasks in a calendar view. This is an easy way to show a to-do list using start and completion dates and project deadlines. To-do lists can have multi levels so, as one task is completed, work on the next level begins.

Making To-do Lists Easy With Todo

Todo makes keeping track of everything you need to do simple. Using the easy to use menu system, Todo lets you list tasks, prioritize them and keep on top of deadlines. With easy access menus, Todo makes entering a task and editing it simple.


You can add task layers or structure lists based on task priority. Using filters, it is easy to search for a particular task on a to-do list. Enable Context to organize your tasks according to type or location. In addition, see home- or school-related tasks separately, depending on where you are.


The Todo reminders and alerts can simplify life, as you don’t have to be concerned that something will be forgotten. For example, Todo can remind you of important tasks so you don’t have to worry about them until you’re ready. A pen and paper list can’t do that.


Todo is also helpful when it comes to repeating tasks. Many tasks in our life need to be done multiple times. This includes things like paying the mortgage or other bills, and changing the filter in the furnace. Todo will remind you of important tasks every time so you won’t miss a thing. With all the things that we need to get done on a regular basis, counting on a pen and paper list to keep you on track is risky.


Trying Todo is the one sure way to settle which to-do list method is best for you. Download Todo now to see how this app makes organization easy and beats pen and paper to-do lists hands down.


get Todo from the App Store
Get Todo from the App Store


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