Tips and Tricks for Todo Series #3

Getting checklists in the right order can be frustrating and that’s why we’ve given you the ability to put your checklists into any order you want in Todo!

Tip #3: Reorder Your Checklists Manually

Select the checklist you would like to reorder.
Select the multi-edit button (the button located in the top right corner of the screen that has three horizontal lines)
Drag your checklist items up and down by grabbing them on the three horizontal lines at the end of each listed item and put them in your desired order.
When you are finished, press done. Keep in mind this will only work if you are not sorting alphabetically. To learn how to change your sort settings, see below.

Changing Your Sorting Settings

While in your selected checklist, select settings in the bottom right corner.
Then select sorting
You can now decide how you want your checklist sorted. When you are finished, you can return back to your main Todo screen.

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