Tips and Tricks for Todo Series #2

Having a lot of different to-do lists can really complicate things. It’s important to be able to sort through your tasks and always focus and accomplish your most important tasks. To give yourself a keen eye on some of your tasks, use the filter list function to show only what you want to view in your focus list.

Tip #2: Use the Filter List Function to Show Only the Lists You Want in Your Focus List

Go to settings (the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the app)
Select “Focus List” to be able to select which lists will show up in your focus list.
The last item is “List Filter,” select this and it will take you to a screen with all your different lists.
You will then be able to view all of your lists. Select all the lists you want to view, those you have selected will have a check mark next to them.
Your “List Filter” option will then show you how many lists you are filtering. You’re all done and you can head back to the main screen.

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