Tips and Tricks for Todo Series #1

Using Todo is a great way to get your tasks organized and keep on track to get things done. What are some cool ways to use Todo that you may not already know? We are going to highlight a few cool tips and tricks for using Todo in the next few blog posts.

Tip #1: Quickly Change the Date of up to 25 Tasks At a Time

If you have tasks you want to change located in separate lists, be sure to use the “All” list, otherwise select the list that contains the tasks you want to change the date of.

Press the multi-edit button (the button located in the navigation bar).
Tap each task you want to change the date for (up to 25) and a red circle with a checkmark will appear next to the selected tasks.
Once you have selected all the tasks you want to change, select the “schedule” button in the bottom right corner, and then you can select a new date for the selected tasks.

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