The Power of Checklists

For many of us, we would be lost without our checklists. From what to pack for a trip, to a list of tasks that must be completed for projects at work, to what we need at the store, we rely on checklists to assist us in getting things accomplished correctly and efficiently.


Checklists are vital at keeping you organized, but only if you use them correctly.

At work, a checklist can help you thoughtfully think through the task at hand. Having a checklist can send a few important messages to your employer and coworkers about who you are. According to, it demonstrates that you are a well-organized person, and that your process has been thought out to make sequential sense, that it can be followed easily through the needed steps, and it has a rational approach.


At home a checklist can be vital in keeping your life and home in order. Checklists help us stay on track with tasks like shopping, repairs, doctor’s appointments and errands. It can summarize and remind you of the must-do-today items which saves you time and major headaches tomorrow.


How well you use a checklist determines how well it works.

But keeping on top of all your checklists can be challenging. Are you using checklists effectively? According to, it is the small stuff that we tend to forget about or ignore that holds the most power to change and improve our future. This holds true for our work and even while we are home.

What Tops Your List?

Organizing your checklists is where you begin. This allows you to never miss the smaller, yet important details, and to stay on track and feel motivation enough to follow a task through to completion and accomplish your goals. Checking items off as completed feels empowering and can actually be addictive. Success and organization lies within that check mark and you can feel it.


Fact is, we should not be relying on our memory to complete a list of to-do items. In the book The Checklist Manifesto, the author suggests that with so much happening in our lives, like advanced training, required sequential procedures, meetings to attend, and numerous daily tasks, we get lost and forget to complete some very important items. This can be costly professionally and personally.


The solution is simple: the checklist. So the key to getting more things accomplished and done correctly is to first prioritize your tasks, and organize them in terms of steps, importance and deadlines.

How to Manage Your Lists

Once you have your checklists made, how do you organize them in a way that works with you, rather than against your productivity? The simple solution is getting the help of Todo, the best to-do list task manager available.

How does it work?

  • Todo with Todo Cloud will sync your checklists and reminders to provide you all your same actionable information on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device. For convenience, it also has a Web interface.
  • Counting on your brain to remember every important thing you have to do is not reliable, Todo remembers for you. Task alerts serve as reminders that keep your checklist moving along on schedule.
  • Todo uses GTD concepts including a Focus List, Multi-level Priorities, the ability to create to-do checklists, a way to “star” special tasks of importance, and the ability input all your projects with their own special list and sub-tasks entries.
  • Todo can keep your checklists for work separate from those for your personal life. It puts you in effortless control of managing your to-do lists and staying organized.


Todo removes the heavy lifting of remembering everything from your brain by overseeing those must-do tasks and checklists. Todo enables you become that organized, professional who has mastered task management. Download Todo now!

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