The Evolution of Todo® Exchange Tasks

We take our customers’ feedback into account during every step of the development process. As our fan base for Todo has grown there’s been a larger interest from business-focused customers to sync tasks with Microsoft’s Exchange Server. So we decided to start crafting a new app that would satisfy this demand.

Why make a new app if we could have simply added a new sync service to the original Todo app? In all, Todo for iOS currently has 7 sync options: Todo Online, Outlook (PC), iCal (via Appigo Sync), iCloud, Todo for Mac, Dropbox, and Toodledo. Adding an additional limited sync service would have unnecessarily added more complexity than we’d like in the original app. Instead, we wanted to make the experience be specifically designed for a simple, no nonsense app, that would match the design, features, and workflow of Exchange server tasks.

Thus began the development cycle for Todo Exchange Tasks, and with the help of user feedback and our beta testers, we released Todo Exchange Tasks a few short months later.

Thanks to the many suggestions we received after its initial release, we’ve now included a more complete way to use and manage categories. We had initially thought that folders would be enough, but popular consensus convinced us that categories are crucial. We’ve also added the ability to color code tasks based on category.

Another big improvement was to fix a couple of synchronization issues. We’d prefer to catch all sync problems before having the app in the hands of our customers, but we really like the cooperative nature from many of you! It was fun to see your enthusiasm and we couldn’t have done it without you. This has been a big group project, and we’re glad to have smart and helpful customers help us maintain our high design standards.

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