TextExpander and More Added to the Todo 7.0.2 and Todo Cloud 7.0.2 Updates






 Enable TextExpander support in Todo > Settings > General > TextExpander



Thanks everybody for your great feedback and reviews for the new Todo 7 apps. I’m happy to announce another update — version 7.0.2 — packed with more improvements!

Download Todo 7.0.2 on the App Store

Download Todo Cloud 7.0.2 on the App Store

First of all, we’ve added TextExpander support (thanks TextExpander users for your patience). TextExpander keyboard shortcuts save effort typing on iPad or iPhone. Apple changed the way inter-app communication works in iOS 7 so we had to adjust Todo a little bit — TextExpander now requires access to your Reminders. TextExpander is off by default, but you can enable it in Todo > Settings > General > TextExpander.

We’ve also brought back the infamous “Quick Add” feature to the lists screen. This should help you write down something fast when you’re hanging out on the lists screen.

We’re now working on a cool new feature that will surface in the iOS versions of Todo 7 soon. As long as it turns out like we want it to, it’ll be the next update you’ll see from us. We’ll then have some time to update the Mac and Web versions of the Todo apps. Thanks for your patience while we propagate the updates to the different flavors of Todo. The Todo apps and Todo Cloud service are headed in the right direction and I’m excited for what’s coming.

Last, but not least, here’s the list of everything we added, changed, and fixed in this update. Enjoy!

ADDED task quick add to the lists screen
ADDED support for TextExpander*
ADDED “Next week” as a quick menu option
ADDED an option to quickly view a subtask’s project inside the Focus List or search results
ADDED section headings to the “Move to project” and “Move to checklist” actions
CHANGED the move task action to leave the editor open
CHANGED the “Show List Names” setting behavior to not show redundant list names on personalized lists
FIXED background sync for Toodledo sync (Todo 7 only)
FIXED link detection in task notes
FIXED a crashing issue when displaying a reminder alert
FIXED an issue where deleting a list would leave an empty row
FIXED an issue with passcode and search
FIXED an issue with launching Todo when using a passcode
FIXED an issue accessing the quick menu when quick add is active
FIXED an issue where new list icons weren’t updating when using iCloud (Todo 7 only)
FIXED an issue with shared list invitations
FIXED an issue with the % character not appearing in reminder alerts
FIXED an issue which sometimes selected the wrong contact in a task action
FIXED an issue with selecting a task due date

*TextExpander in iOS 7 requires access to your Reminders



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