How Teenagers use Todo Cloud

The teenage years are a busy time in any kid’s life, and it’s one of the first opportunities they have where they’re really having to manage their own time and activities if they want to succeed. Between school, homework, family, hobbies, friends, and extracurriculars, it’s surprising what these developing adults are asked to take on. But we can help – with our Todo Cloud, kids can have an easy-to-use, powerful task management tool right at their fingertips.

Daniel is just starting high school, and he’s quickly figuring out that it’s a lot different than middle school. He’s experiencing a lot more freedom with his ability to choose from a variety of elective courses and extracurriculars, and he’s picked a few things he’s really interested in pursuing. Music is a big part of Daniel’s life, so band class was a no brainer. He plays the french horn, which requires a lot of dedicated practice. He’s also decided to get involved with track, which requires a lot of dedicated time as well.

Daniel doesn’t want these outside activities to encroach on his school work, but he doesn’t want to miss out on being fully involved in the parties, trips, activities, and practices that make high school a special time for young adults his age. He often finds that he just doesn’t have time for everything, and time mismanagement has caused him to forget important assignments, double book over his extracurricular activities, and miss out on parties and events planned by his friends. His parents, concerned over his grades, have suggested that he cut one of his extracurriculars.

Being a phone savvy teenager, Daniel decides to use an app to take control of his to-dos. He downloads Todo Cloud and starts planning out his tasks at the beginning of each week. He loves that having these on his phone allows him to add things quickly and easily in the moment he learns about events and tasks so that he doesn’t lose track. Here’s a look at how Daniel manages his overwhelming list of things to get done in Todo Cloud.

Daniel takes advantage of the versatility of Todo Cloud by making lists that work with the way he thinks. He’s made a few lists based on criteria that make sense to him.

1. Assignments and Tests

His first list is an “assignments and tests” list. This list helps him keep track of what is due in class on which days, and what tests he needs to prepare for. He sets advanced reminders for each assignment so that he’ll have plenty of time to complete each one.



2. Social

His second list is for social activities. This list is where he records any commitments he’s made to his friends and family, such as parties, family dinners, hang-outs, etc. After using Todo Cloud for a while, Daniel has convinced many of his friends to download it as well. They use Shared Lists to collaborate on group activities and plan and discuss events and details that work for everyone.



3. Extracurriculars

His third and final list helps him track extracurricular practices, parties, and travel tasks. This way he’ll never worry about missing a task and will be able to keep up with his extracurricular activities.



Todo Cloud has made it possible for Daniel to manage his busy schedule without giving up any of the things he loves to do. He’s found that he has plenty of time to get everything done provided that he’s managing his tasks well, and Todo Cloud has proven to be a seamless way for him to do that without his parents having to get on his case. His parents are pleased that their son is learning initiative and responsibility while still enjoying his time in high school.

This is the last in a series of five posts discussing how different personalities use Todo Cloud.

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