How a Stay at Home Parent Uses Todo Cloud

The life of a stay at home parent can be a crazy one. Managing a household is not all too different from managing an office – you’ve got to stay on top of demanding people with conflicting personalities and interests, all while taking care of your own to-do list and keeping up with the little disasters that happen throughout the day.

If you don’t have a game plan for managing your tasks and to-dos, you may constantly feel like you just don’t have enough time to do it all. Fortunately, getting organized is so much easier than you think. Todo Cloud is always at your fingertips and offers an easy way to keep track of your day to day responsibilities.

Luz is a busy mom of four children who are 8, 13, 16, and 18 years old. Like any parent, her kids are her number one priority, but she also has interests of her own. She enjoys training for and running marathons, and mountain biking in her outdoorsy home of Boise, Idaho. She often finds herself not having the time or energy to pursue her interests and keep up with her kids.

That’s where Todo Cloud came in. Managing her long list of tasks with Todo Cloud is helping Luz to make the most her limited time. Luz uses a variety of lists to make sure she’s not forgetting things, and to make sure her house is running as efficiently as possible. A few of Luz’s lists include:


1. Grocery Lists

The most basic checklist is the age old grocery list, and it’s an important part of any home manager’s repertoire of tools. Having an easy to organize grocery list ensures that Luz is not running back to the grocery store throughout the week to pick up things she forgot. Having the list on her phone means that she’s never forgetting her list at home, and that she has it on hand to add items as she thinks of them.

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2. Chores List

Every parent has had a struggle with their children over chores. It’s rough trying to chase them down and nag them to do things again and again. Luz circumvents this by assigning chores to her teen sons using Shared Lists in Todo Cloud. She can even add multiple reminders in the app, so their phones can get on their case instead of her. So far, the list has made things more peaceful in the house – consistently getting her kids to do their chores, however, is still a work in process.

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3. Honey-Do List

Homemaking is, of course, a collaborative process with Luz’s husband Mark. Luz puts together a shared list with her husband where she can assign tasks that she’d like him to take care while she’s thinking about it- no more forgetting things by the time her husband comes home.

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4. Tracking To-Dos and Activities

Doctor bills, dental bills, soccer registration, and keeping tracking of all other tasks for her children’s activities can get hectic. There are a lot of things to remember for Luz and her kids. With a dedicated smart list, Luz can track all of the things she and her children need to get done throughout the week. This keeps her on top of her schedule and prevents last minute panics. It also ensures that things like registration deadlines don’t get missed.

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5. Activities with Friends

Luz got her mountain biking group to all use Todo Cloud, and was able to make a Shared List where her and her friends can plan their outings. Because they’re all busy parents, it can be difficult to get together sometimes, but Todo Cloud makes it easy for them to list suggestions and finalize when and where they’ll meet up and create a list of what each will need to bring.

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Luz has a lot on her mind at any one time. She loves that Todo Cloud allows her to get things out of her own head and onto an easy-to-use, always-on-hand set of checklists. The lists have helped her reduce her stress level, manage her to-dos more effectively, and free up time for her own interests. Put Todo Cloud to work for you! Visit us at our website and learn more about the features offered by Todo Cloud!

This is the third in a series of five posts discussing how different personalities use Todo Cloud.

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