Seven Things Productive People Do That You Need to Start Doing

Productive people get things done by harnessing time to work for them. Envisioning tasks as steps to accomplishment, they focus on each step while keeping an eye on multiple projects. Understanding that feeling overwhelmed is a cry for organization, productive people prioritize their day, and using Todo is a way to do this.

1. Avoiding Disorder

Being productive involves overcoming disarray in all areas of life. While work demands your focused attention, keeping things organized empowers you by eliminating the time drain of trying to remember other tasks. Having a time-proven app such as Todo onboard eliminates disorder.


Productive people
Keeping track of personal tasks makes focus sharper.

2. Eliminating Distractions

Getting things done is a lot like gardening. You need to eliminate the weeds. In this case, avoiding distractions lets you focus on the task. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, and even paying bills or picking up milk on the way home from work is a distraction if you need to remember it.


Todo lets you set reminders for the things you need to do. In addition, Todo has geotagging, which provides reminders as you near a physical location. For instance, as you approach a grocery store, Todo reminds you of what you need. Automating reminders to pay bills is easy with Todo app’s recurring task feature.

3. Harnessing Multitasking

While doing multiple tasks might seem as if the tasks were done simultaneously, experts tell us it is really serial tasking. A single area of the brain does not multitask. Instead, it processes one task at a time, switching between the tasks.


In order to do this, the brain loses time and productivity slows. Some studies suggest that multitasking undermines efficiency. Having a way to keep tabs on multiple projects while completing the task at hand is something Todo provides. In addition, Todo lets you enter multi-leveled tasks in the same project, giving you a quick glance at the full project.


Productive people
Organization leads to productivity.

4. Choosing Tasks

While it is not always possible to do the tasks one likes, getting the ones you like the least done first is something productive people do. Knowing that a particular task is looming large at the end of the day might cause you to be distracted. Setting up your schedule the night before and putting that task at the head of the list might let you do it first thing when you have the most ambition.

5. Prioritizing Tasks

Productive people consider this a priority of its own. Deciding what needs to be done and setting a deadline as well as start and stop times using Todo’s interface lets you do this. Once this is done, not letting the onslaught of seemingly urgent tasks dissuade focus on the task at hand is something highly productive people do.


Putting an endless stream of so-called urgent interruptions in quarantine makes this possible. Efficient use of time means setting up a reminder for checking email or taking calls at preset intervals. Todo lets you set up a schedule along with reminders to do this routinely.

6. Learn to Say No

One of the most effective lessons productive people cite is learning how to say no. Choosing specific tasks, organizing others and eliminating still others makes it possible to get things done.


Productive people
Project sub-tasks makes meeting the deadline easier.

7. Sharing Tasks and Progress

Business teams need to work together. Using Todo’s collaboration functions, teams can share what members are working on and the team’s progress at discrete intervals. Individual members are able to store information in the cloud, allowing them to share it across different devices and platforms, including Apple Watch.


From making lists to tracking projects, Todo helps you get organized and produce at peak efficiency. Whether it’s for business or personal use, Todo assists in adapting advice from productive people to suit your needs. Downloading Todo will get you started on a path to controlling your work or home-related tasks.


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Get Todo from the App Store

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