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Early last January 2015 about 45% of Americans made New Year Resolutions but by the end of the first week of January, a quarter had abandoned their resolutions according to the Washington Post. As part of our commitment to you, we will be launching a series on keeping New Year Resolutions. We will show you how the Todo app can improve your productivity and get you all geared up for 2016.

2016 New Year Resolutions with Todo

Should You Have A New Year Resolution?

Historically, New Year Resolutions began at the time of the Babylonians who did it to earn favor with their gods. The most common resolution at that time was to find a way out of debt. The logic behind this tradition then and today remains admirable. It is the perfect cap to the holiday season because instead of feeling depressed or anxious that it’s “back to the grind,” you get that extra spring in your step as you have something to look forward to – something new and valuable to add to your life.

The New Year Resolutions of 2015 revealed that people wished to be more organized and able to enjoy life more. This is why Todo Cloud makes so much sense! With our app you get to create a framework for success. Every project, task, goal, or dream you have, you can put it down in organized lists using Todo. The app takes care of reminding you what needs to be done, alerts you on deadlines and can even send you an alert if you happen to pass by the store and need to buy supplies. The lists in Todo can be shared which means you don’t have to do all the work nor be the one who has to remind everyone what needs to be done.

Take Todo with you everywhere you go and never have a reason to forget your resolve to be a better you this coming 2016.


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Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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