New Year Resolutions – To Read More

Last October a new survey was released stating that fewer Americans are reading traditional printed books while e-book readers are not increasing at all in volume. Yet one of the top 10 New Year Resolutions of 2015 was “to read more.” One of the reasons reading is so high on the scale of New Year Resolutions is because reading is essential to success. This is what every great leader espouses like Harry Truman who once said, “Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers.”

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Well, our Todo Cloud is the perfect tool to keeping this New Year’s Resolution because Todo enables you to create your very own Reading List. And you can share your Reading List with other people and get them to use the app as well and share their lists with you. It’s a wonderful way to encourage and be accountable to each other to read more this year. You can have friends and family members who you can talk to about the books you are reading and enjoy endless debates on the books’ merits or lack of.

The Todo Cloud can also used for a book club or library which you can keep titles, notes, feedback, and all sorts of ideas. It could even pave the way for you to start writing your very own book 🙂

With our Todo app, you can read more this coming 2016 and expand your world! Learn about the world and discover amazing secrets, stories, and adventures that will be worth a lifetime of memories. Best of all, the Todo allows you to update the list wherever you are, whenever you want. And you can get those you are sharing your Reading List with to refresh the public Reading list while you can keep a secret Reading List – if want to keep some things private and personal.

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Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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