New Year Resolutions- Start Remembering Important Dates

There are almost 800,000 ideas on Google on how to start remembering important dates and majority of these suggest memory tricks or intensive memory routines. These complicated tricks are great for remembering boatloads of things for school or your career however, some of us just need to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc..

Remember Important Dates

This is where Todo Cloud can step in and help you. Add a task for ‘Anniversary’ with a due date – make sure it’s the right date;) then add some alerts well in advance. Then just relax, Todo will handle it from here. Organization Tip: Create a list called ‘Important Dates’ and fill it with all the items you need to remember. Review that list periodically.

You can trust Todo Cloud to keep track of all the important dates because the app has many options for alerts that will remind you weeks, days, and even minutes ahead of the date so you will never have to give another painful apology because you forgot your mother’s birthday… again.

Forget the memory tricks and games. Important dates can be left to chance. Get Todo and increase your chances of being successful, ahead of your game and ready for a great 2016! All it takes is a few minutes and leave the rest to our Todo app! It’s going to be a fantastic year ahead!

get Todo Cloud from the App Store
Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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