New Year Resolutions – Spend Less, Save More

In the first quarter of 2015, Americans spent less but were not able to save more. This is according to a study done by Market Watch which credits the trend to lower fuel prices and falling inflation. Savings rose only by 0.5% as Americans increased spending on movie tickets, groceries, insurance, and fast foods.

It is expected that “to spend less and save more” will again be one of the top New Year Resolutions for 2016. This is probably one of the toughest resolutions to keep because the world wants you to spend! Every time you jump on the internet, TV, radio, or go through any other multimedia platform, you will get bombarded by ads and come-ons – and they are getting better and more tempting with their crafty engineering and sales pitches.

Save money with Todo Cloud

However, we have a powerful app with Todo Cloud that can beat the psychological warfare on shopping by controlling spending; an app that will send you alerts on deadlines and help you keep track of your bills. It can even inform you when your postpaid contracts or insurance policies and loans are up for renewal so you can plan ahead and save by giving you time to shop around for alternatives!

Todo can help you spend less because it lets you stick to lists. One of the tricks of shopping malls and supermarkets is giving you so many choices so you go in with 2 items in mind but come out holding a bag full of items you don’t need. Todo can become that second voice that will hold you back from making an unnecessary purchase.

Todo can also prevent duplication because you can share an updated shopping list with your spouse or kids and never have to worry of buying more than what you need. In the same manner, you can use Todo to share bills payment responsibilities and you will never have to worry about late payments and nasty penalty charges.

Get our Todo app now and you can be sure to spend less and save more!

get Todo Cloud from the App Store
Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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