New Year Resolutions – Losing Weight

This is the perfect time to talk about losing weight what with all the festivities of the holiday season resulting in added pounds and the feeling of being bloated by the rich food and drinks of the past months. Luckily, you can start immediately on this New Year’s Resolution with our Todo App!

using a to-do list to lose weight

Add a goal to go to the gym every morning then use alerts to remind you and encourage you to follow through. Setting a series of alerts so you don’t (conveniently) forget to work out. This app can be your buddy throughout the year and help you stick to the goal of hitting the gym each morning. You could even use Todo to help you create a habit for better eating.

This is how to do it: use Todo to send you reminders to eat a small snack before leaving for work, school or the weekend parties so you don’t over eat. You could even set alerts to remind you to drink water, hydration is key to losing weight. According to New York psychologist, Dr. Carol Goldberg planning ahead by having a light snack or even a glass of water can help you turn down sweets and prevent overeating and over drinking.

Stay accountable. Create a Gym plan and share it with a friend or significant other with Todo Cloud. Sharing a goal with someone that will hold you accountable is a great way to stay motivated. Every day, you can have exercise goals that everyone can do – complete with alerts and updates. Knowing your exercise partner has done his daily share will make you want to do your part immediately. It’s the accountability of this plan which also has a great fun factor incorporated into it – like a game or informal competition among friends.

Losing weight is not easy but Todo can help you achieve this New Year Resolution. Create a habit you want to keep this year.

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Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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