New Year Resolutions – Get A New Hobby

The hobby industry in the United States is worth $18 billion as of September 2015. Hobbies come from fun ideas that people are passionate about and willing to spend time and resources on so it’s not surprising that starting a new hobby is one of the top New Year Resolutions time and again.

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The main issue with hobbies is that it is hard to stick to it even if you are immensely interested in the hobby. Scientists say that this is because most people forget to change their patterns in life to accommodate the hobby so it falls on the wayside.

You need a plan – a good, executable plan for your new hobby (or old hobby revisited). And we have the best tool to make this plan work. It’s Todo Cloud – the app that can turn an idea in action. It’s real easy. With Todo you can organize your hobby using lists and note the steps that you want to do or need to do to be better at your hobby. It’s also a great app to keep a list of all the hobbies that sound interesting to you so you can revisit them when you’re ready. Experts say the best way for hobbies to become part of your routine is to automate it into your life. This is why Todo is a great way to help you start and stick to your hobby.

Another reason why hobbies often are dropped is because of the high expectations that doesn’t factor in the reality of learning and getting better at the hobby. Todo can solve this by creating steps or mini goals to pursue so your expectations are not so unrealistic. Before you know it, you have become an expert at your hobby!

So you see, getting a new hobby is a fantastic New Year’s Resolution idea and with our Todo app, sticking to it will not be hard at all!

get Todo Cloud from the App Store
Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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