New Year Resolutions – Create New Positive Habits

Professor BJ Fogg who is also a widely respected human behavior researcher working at Stanford University once said that if a person knows how to floss his teeth, why doesn’t he do it automatically every day? Based on this insight, he began to develop his theory (known as the Fogg Behavior Model) which places simplicity as more important than motivation and willpower to master positive habits. In a nutshell, the theory can be translated to mean to have positive habits, you have to start small.

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Write it down

Saying you’re going to create a new habit without writing it down is a sure fire way to fail. Todo Cloud can help you develop any habit. For example, if your goal is do a better job at doing the dishes every day. You could write that goal as a task in Todo and set an alert for a specific time of day or for when you arrive home.

Reward yourself

As you finish the dishes make sure you mark that task off. That will develop a sense of accomplishment, even for the small stuff. After a few days of doing the dishes with Todo’s help you have created a habit and your ready to tackle something a little bigger like going for a run every day.

Don’t give up

Creating a new habit can be hard and you may slip back into bad habits and that’s okay. Don’t dwell on your failures, let them become building blocks to your success. Plan better next time and keep going.

As you start to develop more positive habits your life will seem more manageable because you’ve learned how to get control over your bad habits. It’s not easy to change behavior over night but Todo can reinforce positive habits and keep you on track. Download the app today!

get Todo Cloud from the App Store
Get Todo Cloud from the App Store


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