New Appigo Sync for Windows for Outlook Customers Now Available

Todo Pro App Logo One of the challenges we face with releasing apps on the App Store is that there’s not a clear way to communicate with all of our customers about changes in the products. We add important information to the “What’s New” section on the App Store, but beyond that, there’s not much that’s readily available to everyone. The unfortunate problem with this mechanism is that it happens after changes to our apps have already been made.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we announced our plans to retire Appigo Sync back in November of 2012. Because we received very little feedback about this announcement, we made a decision to move forward with the plan to retire Appigo Sync in the latest update of Todo.

Now that the update is available to everyone, we’re getting an entirely new set of feedback directly and indirectly (via app reviews). We realize that we were wrong. It appears that Appigo is one of the last companies (if not the very last) to provide a task sync solution to Outlook users on Windows.

We have released a new version of Appigo Sync for Windows for anyone who wishes to sync their tasks with Outlook. It’s available at the bottom of the Todo page on our website (

There are a number of reliable and very good sync options for syncing tasks with Todo for Mac (Todo Pro, Dropbox, iCloud, and direct Wi-Fi), so we’re not planning on bringing Appigo Sync for Mac back.

Thank you for your understanding and feedback. Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to provide us better feedback in the future.

We’ve got lots of great things planned for Todo this year. Stay tuned!

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