More Apple For You To Chew On

We love our friends at Apple. They’re game changers, culture shakers and norm breakers. Apple tech has enabled Todo to do some great things. Todo Cloud comes with deep integration into Apple features that enable Todo-ing to be a much more fun, impactful and elegant experience. Let’s take a look.

3D Touch

Todo Cloud leverages Peek and Pop to allow you to quickly view and access app information. From your home screen, you can:

  • Add a new task
  • View Smart Lists
  • Search tasks

Apple to Chew on.003

You can also can peek into specific lists to get a quick look at the tasks.


Touch ID

You can use TouchID to add an extra layer of security to Todo Cloud.

Touch ID.001


Apple Search Integration

Todo Cloud integrates with your device’s native search functions to enable to-dos and tasks to be searchable (and viewable) in Quick Search and Siri Suggestions.

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Split Screen and Multitasking

For you serious Apple techies, Todo Cloud works for Split Screen and Multitasking on supported devices. Get more done while getting more done (we call it productivity inception).

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Apple Maps

Todo leverages Apple Maps so that you can set reminders for tasks based on when you arrive or leave a specific place. “Remind me to fill up gas when I leave home tomorrow” or “Remind me to pick up milk when I’m at the grocery store”.

Apple to Chew on.001


More coming with iOS 10

Since we’re and iOS-first company, we’ve always been fans of Apple’s continuing innovation to iOS and we’re pretty excited about the way that iOS 10 can impact productivity.

Keep your eyes open and watch your app. We’ve got some good things coming.

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