Meet the New Todo Cloud

The Todo team is ecstatic to announce the release of the new Todo Cloud. This is a significant update that includes a major facelift to the design, improvements to current features and the introduction of new power features that make Todo-ing even more impactful. So what’s new in Todo Cloud?

A Fresh Look

Todo has gotten quite the facelift. Everything from the app icon to tiny nuanced details in the user interface have been changed to provide a more intuitive and impactful user experience.

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The goal of the new design is to allow you to easily access Todo Cloud’s power features and do more with less gestures. The feedback from our Beta users have been promising. Beta users have called it, “lighter”, “brighter”, and “more user-friendly”.

Generally speaking, the new Todo Cloud is less square and more round, breathes more, is “lighter” and “thinner” in color and design and less busy on the edges. We really think you’ll like it.



New: Todo Smart Lists

Smart Lists are a new and more-powerful way to organize, plan for and complete your to-dos. Todo Cloud enables you to create lists based on custom filters.Todo Smart Lists

Want to view what tasks have “Proposal” in the title, that are due a week or more from now and are marked high priority? Done.

Want to see only tasks that have “Crossfit” and “Chocolate” in the title and that are assigned to Coach Danny? Done.


More Apple to Chew On

Todo Cloud now comes with deeper integration with Apple technology.

Todo Cloud has always had integrations with Apple’s tech, namely the integration with Apple Maps to provide users with geographic reminders for tasks. New integrations include improved search, Peek and Pop functionality for quick viewing and task creation from the home screen and increased security with Apple Touch ID.


Improved Features

You’ll still benefit from Todo Cloud’s features (which we’ve fine-tuned for improved use), and we’ve also added a few new gimmicks. There’s been a lot done here, and you’ll need to take a closer look for yourself to see it all, but here are some of the highlights:

Improved “Edit Task” View

Todo Cloud’s “Edit Task” screen was completely rethought and redesigned to surface its power functions (recurring tasks, customized task alerts, geo-specific alerts, etc.) and enables more control in less gestures.


Todo New Quick MenuImproved Quick Menu Design + Batch Editing

Todo Cloud’s Quick Menu gives users the ability to easily (and quickly) make changes to task attributes. The improved design puts all Quick Menu editing options just a thumb’s distance. There are also more options available in the Quick Menu, and you’ve got the ability to customize where options show up allowing you to give preference to actions that you use the most.

Batch editing, or the function of editing multiple tasks at once, now leverages the same Quick Menu that editing individual tasks does. And it just looks so pretty.

We’ve also made updates to tag functionality and design, customization options, how you add tasks, and more (more to come on these in future posts). You’ll need to check out for yourself.

We’d like to thank our awesome group of beta users who have poked, prodded, screen-shotted, and pressure tested the new Todo Cloud. They (along with all Todo-ers) have really put the app through a wringer and we’re grateful for their passion for productivity and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome. We think you’ll be happy with it too.

Download the new Todo Cloud here.

Sign up for Todo Cloud by June 30, 2016 and you’ll be entered to win an Apple Watch and a free year’s subscription.*

*some restrictions apply

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