How a Manager uses Todo Cloud

Our productivity maven Elise has everything together – she manages her team of marketing employees without missing a beat and still has time for an active social life. She’s rising through the ranks rapidly in her career and appears to be doing it effortlessly. She’s a role model for many of her friends and family, and they just don’t get how she’s able to get it all done.

Elise’s secret weapons (besides, of course, her ambition and hard work) are her small arsenal of practical productivity tools that keep her running on track. Her favorite of these is Todo Cloud. With its simple interface and powerful features, she’s able to make the most of her time and easily keep track of things as they come up. At the beginning of each week, Elise plans out her weekly tasks in Todo Cloud, and manages her employee’s group projects from her phone. Here’s a look at a few of her lists.

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1. Personal Projects

Elise has a lot of responsibilities throughout the week, and her ability to get those things done efficiently affects people up and down the chain of command. Using a smart list in Todo, Elise is able to track all of her ongoing projects and set reminders to make sure that she’s on track to complete each of them on time. With the repeating tasks feature in Todo Cloud, she’s able to outsource remembering her day to day responsibilities to her phone so she can free up more mental space for the dynamic parts of her job.

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2. Team Projects

Elise creates new lists for each group project she heads, and List Sharing in Todo Cloud makes it easy for her to collaborate with specific groups. Todo allows Elise to create and assign tasks with instructions for her employees and practical reminders so that she can stay on top of them without chasing them around. Her employees can comment on their tasks with questions and concerns, and check things off as they are completed so that everyone in the project is aware of what progress is being made.

Elise loves that she can monitor the progress of her team projects and that there is an easy way for her employees to document their questions and get them answered by Elise or other team members. Because all team members are kept in the loop, they’re able to handle unexpected crises before they get out of control.

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3. Team Management

Elise is a pioneer of team management for her company, and she’s found a lot of creative solutions for employee engagement throughout her time as manager. Todo Cloud helps her and her employees keep track of team management and prioritize self improvement in their work. Elise has shared lists with each of her employees where she assigns them action items and reminders. She adds follow up items to the lists that coincide with the goals she makes with each of her employees during their one-on-ones.

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use app that will make a big difference in managing your tasks, make Todo Cloud your secret weapon. Professionals use Todo Cloud to help them fuel career success. How will you put our hard working app to work for you?

This is the second in a series of five posts discussing how different personalities use Todo Cloud.

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