Life Moves Fast: A To Do List Will Help You Keep Up

Have you noticed that the more machines people develop to get work done, the more work there seems to be left to do? Before you got your smartphone, people were always telling you how much it would do for you — all those apps! You could forget about having to run to the house phone, because you’d always have your cell right there. No more trying to find the news or sports or entertainment — it’s all right there on the phone! Now the reality is, your phone gives you no excuse to get any downtime. You’re always expected to have that phone, calendar, e-mail, voice mail, and to do list at the ready. Life is moving more rapidly than ever before. How can an app help you keep up?

Rethink the To Do Lists

To do list
A lot of things get put on the to do list that are neither important nor likely to actually get done. Clean it up!

Traditional to do lists, as it happens, are part of the problem. Most ‘time management’ apps allow you to do little more than you would on a piece of paper, which is scratch down a bunch of stuff that is far more likely to never happen than aliens landing in your backyard and hosting a picnic for you and Elvis and Amelia Earhart. Take a peek at the to do list on your desk. Now scratch off the items you know for an absolute fact you aren’t going to get done today or even this week. Now scratch off the ones that aren’t even that important to begin with! The Todo app helps you prioritize your list according to the time-tested and proven Franklin Covey method. It can revolutionize the way you create and mange your to do lists, helping you manage both business and personal obligations with ease.

Get Your Priorities Straight

To do list
When you write your ‘to do’ list, do your highest priorities get top billing?

We touched on this a bit when rethinking our to do lists, but it calls for deeper discussion. Do you even consider your priorities when creating your to do lists, or do you just write down the things you think you need to do as they pop into your head? Never start a to do list without first organizing your priorities. Who are the people who come first in your life? What are the things that come first, second, third, etc. in your life? Always organize what you need to do according to the most important people and things. For example, if your faith is more important than your work, be sure your religious obligations take precedent over your work. Likewise, if you vow to put your family and kids before work, make sure those tasks are listed ahead of meetings and projects for work.

Share Your Lists With Your Important People

Can your spouse see your task list so that (s)he knows when the kids have doctors appointments and when you’ve promised to work late? Can your babysitter and coworkers and other important people see your tasks? Todo empowers people with the ability to share their important information with others so that everyone is on the same page. That way, if you work late but Katie has soccer practice, your partner can help you out. Better yet, maybe your supervisor will quit scheduling meetings on the days it’s your turn to drive carpool!

Learn the Art of Leaning on Others

Along those lines, are you often collaborating with others on projects? The Todo app lets you share your workflow with others so that you can collaborate with coworkers, friends, and family on everything from assignments at work to baby showers or planning the next group retreat. Few time management tools make it as easy and convenient to share work, lean on others, and collaborate for a job well done like the Todo app.


Download Todo today to see the power, flexibility, and convenience of a well-designed, shareable time management app made for today’s hectic world!

get Todo from the App Store
Get Todo from the App Store

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