Keeping Our Updates a Surprise

Recently on Facebook and Twitter we asked you, our users, what you would like to see on our blog. We got quite a few responses and many of them were asking us to talk about what we have planned for future releases in our already created apps or if we are planning to make any new apps.

The only time we are ever 100% certain, without a doubt positive that a new feature or app will be made available to you is when it becomes available to you. We don’t want to push all this hype towards our users and get everyone excited and all of a sudden, that feature is no longer going to be made available. While we do try to maintain our policy of not talking about future releases, we will sometimes, maybe 1% of the time, sneak out a little hint about a future product. So for those of you who must keep up to date with what’s next, watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts because you never know what we might say.

We do want you to know that just because we aren’t talking about something coming out soon, that doesn’t mean that something awesome isn’t in the works. Keep an eye out for those updates, because, yes, we are working on something awesome (at least we think so).

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