Introducing Todo Cloud 7

We’re excited for Apple to release iOS 7 and even more exited for the upcoming releases of our apps. 

We’ve had a lot of feedback about the name “Todo” vs. “Todo Pro”. After looking into this further, we have decided to rename “Todo Pro” to be “Todo Cloud”. We think this is going to help first-time customers understand the difference between the two apps/services. Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating and our other apps to reflect the name change.

New Apps

The Todo Cloud 7 app is exclusively designed for iOS 7. We’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of the app to take advantage of color and clarity. We realize there are many people that have devices that may not upgrade to iOS 7 so we’re also introducing a Todo Cloud 6 app.

Todo Cloud 7 will only run on iOS 7 and is a universal binary.

 Todo Cloud 6 is the same as the Todo Pro app available today but built to be compatible with iOS 7 and will run on iOS 4 through 7.

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