How soon should we build the Todo Pro for Android app?

Happy New Year, and thank you to everyone that’s joined us already on the new Todo Pro service! 

We’ve been getting a lot of great requests for features you’d like to see in Todo Pro, and we’ve added some of them already. There are a lot more we’d like to add, and we’re going to be asking for your votes to help us determine which ones are most important to you (watch for that post later this week).

In the meantime, we’ve also mentioned that an Android app for Todo Pro is coming soon. The progress on the app is coming along well. Most of the core synchronization is implemented, and we’ve been able to put a basic user interface on top of that (Calvin’s giving us a sneak peek in the photo above). We’re still hoping to put a beta version in your hands soon.

Because of our relatively small development team, we’d like you to help us determine where to focus our efforts in the next few weeks. Should we focus first on adding some important features/fixes to the existing Todo Pro apps and service, or should we charge forward on the Android app? Let us know your vote, and be among the first to know when the Todo Pro for Android app is available by clicking the button below and signing up:

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