Customize Your Views in Todo

Customizing Views in Todo

Todo prioritizes your views (where you see lists of your to-dos) based on certain to-do attributes (e.g. due dates, assigned priority, assigned to you, etc.) to help you focus on what’s most important. Todo also does this with your lists to help you better organize what you need to get done. But what if you wanted to customize your views a bit deeper?

Make Todo your own by further customizing your task and list views. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Reorder Tasks

Based on task attributes you’ve assigned, Todo will surface the most important tasks to the top of your view. Todo also gives you the ability further customize your task lists by dragging and dropping tasks within a list.

Customize Your Lists and List Views

For those who are visually-inclined, Todo gives you the ability to assign specific colors and icons to lists as you fancy. For instance, some Todo users assign a specific color to every list that has to do with work (e.g. Personal Work Tasks, Team Projects, Customer Inquiries, etc.) and another color to those that have to do with their personal lives (e.g. Honey-dos, Shopping List, Personal Goals, etc.). Take a look at how this is done:



We even give you the ability to customize how you view your lists. For instance, you can create spacers to visually separate your lists (and even arrange them by color if you’d like). Create List Spacers by pressing and holding down on “Add a List”.

Have fun customizing your Todo.


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