Create Shopping Lists With Task Parsing

Todo makes grocery shopping a breeze. Well not the actual shopping part, we can’t help that, but the planning-and-making-sure-you-don’t-forget-a-thing part. Let’s take a look at one feature that will change the way you shop.

What is Intelligent Task Parsing?

Todo has built-in Intelligent Task Parsing. That’s a fancy way of saying that you can do everything from set a start or due date, assign a priority to a task and even create a checklist just by how type in the task. And it doesn’t require additional gestures (swipes, clicks, etc.). Here are a few examples of how Task Parsing works:

  • If you type “Buy Milk (Tomorrow)” a task to “Buy Milk” will automagically be created with a due date for tomorrow. This also works if you type “Buy Milk (Wednesday).
  • If you type “Pay Electricity Bill !!!” a task to “Pay Electricity Bill” will be created with high priority.
  • If you’re big into using tags in Todo type “Buy Milk #groceries #budget” to apply the “Groceries” and “Budget” tags. That’s just #awesome.


Create a Shopping List

Let’s look at a practical way to use Intelligent Task Parsing. By typing “Groceries:” followed by a list of items separated by a comma, you create a checklist. For example if you type, “Groceries: eggs, milk, yogurt” Todo will create a checklist titled Groceries with separate items for eggs, milk, and yogurt.

If you need to have them by Friday type in “Groceries: eggs, milk, yogurt (Friday)” and you’re set.

Happy shopping!

Power User Tips
When your shopping list is created, press and hold the list to activate Todo’s Quick Menu. From here you can

  • Set a date for when you need to buy these items
  • Duplicate this checklist because they’re probably items you buy on a regularly basis
  • Assign it to your husband as a honey-do

You could also use Task Parsing to quickly create honey-do’s, workouts, invitation lists and much more.


Meet Todo – the powerful to-do and task list app.
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