Create Repeating Tasks in Todo

Todo gives you the ability to set repeating tasks. Users find this extremely helpful in planning ahead for projects and tasks that they need to do consistently, but that are easy to overlook and forget amidst all their other responsibilities. Repeating Tasks allow users to create a task once and not have to worry about missing/forgetting that task again. And Todo gives you quite a bit of control and options when doing so.

Here are some ways that people are using Repeating Tasks:

  • Daily Medication: Ever forget to take that important daily pill? Let me guess, you’ve tried to use your alarm for that right? Have you ever dismissed your alarm and wondered a few hours later, “Did I end up taking that pill?” Set a recurring task, and require yourself to mark the task complete.
  • Monthly Household Chores: Homeowners know that there are a lot of recurring maintenance/upkeep items they should (emphasis on “should”) do on a regular basis. When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? When was the last time you changed your water softener? Too long? Use Todo to set monthly recurring tasks to make sure these (and the host of others) get done.
  • Recurring Reports: It’s likely that you’ve received an alert for a recurring meeting that’s going to start in ten-minutes and you realized that you didn’t have your weekly (or monthly, or quarterly) report ready. You scramble and you fumble your portion of the meeting. Set recurring tasks in Todo to make sure you never miss a report again.
  • Monthly Tasks at Work: Everyone has them, those tasks that need to get done on a monthly (quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.) basis, but that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of all other “stuff” you need to get done for your job. They get lost because they’re not top of mind. Setting a repeating task in Todo makes sure that it’ll never get lost.

Take a look at how it works:



Life just got easier. You’re welcome.


Meet Todo – the powerful to-do and task list app.

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