Concerns with recent update from Todo 8 to Todo 10 on iOS

Why was it necessary?

To provide new features, continued support and to keep up with the Apple and iOS platform, we have found it necessary to reduce the number of apps and types of sync that we can support. Several years ago we announced that we were dropping support for iCloud, Dropbox and Toodledo and instead provided our own Todo Cloud Sync for free. We also announced that we were no longer supporting Todo 8 and encouraged users to move to our new and updated app, Todo Cloud.

Our newer app Todo Cloud has many new features, an updated look, and is much more stable. We provide free sync so that you can use Web, Windows, Android, or Mac for free also. See this article for more information about the features in the new Todo.

Why didn’t you let us know?

Many people have used Todo 8 for a while and many of you have never had an account nor have registered an email with us. We attempted multiple times to message via the app that you should move to Todo Cloud in order to receive support and features. However, it recently became necessary to push an update through and officially remove the older, unsupported Todo 8.

We apologize that we haven’t been as successful as we wish at reaching all our users and alerting you to this change. And what is worse, is that we’ve had some problems with the update process. We’re very sorry that this process has not been safe or clear for some users.

Help! I’m having trouble with the update

Some users have experienced trouble with the update that we provided on the App Store this last week. We apologize for any stress and concern and are working through the issues as quickly as we can. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at And if you are not able to access your data correctly, you can help us speed up the recovery process by following these steps:

  1. Create an account if you do not have one or login if you do. Or alternatively, you can create account/login at
  2. If your tasks are there on Todo Cloud Web, then they will sync to your device once you correctly login.
  3. If you tasks are not there, then we’ll need you to send us your database by doing the following;
  4. – Opening Todo
    – Tap your name in the top left (to enter the app’s settings screen)
    – Select Diagnostics
    – Scroll to the end of the screen
    – Select Email Diagnostic Report
    – Select Include tasks to send a copy of your tasks database for inspection
    – Select Email
    – Select Send

We will then load your data into your account and once you login and sync, it will be available. Please DO NOT delete the app and re-install unless you have contacted support and they are walking you through that process. You could lose your data if you do this.

What if I don’t want to update or have my data in the ‘cloud’? What if I want iCloud or Toodledo sync?

Unfortunately we cannot un-do the update or offer the Todo 8 app anymore. This includes 3rd party sync. We would love to keep all our customers, but also understand that some will want to change based on the sync or having their data in the cloud.

We feel that it is very reasonable these days to ask for users to create a free account and allow their data to sync into our secure servers. But we also understand that some users will have concerns about this and choose to find a different app that is not in the cloud.

If you wish to cancel your account and remove your data, please contact us at and we can assist you with that.

What is the 12-months of free Premium?

For our existing Todo 8 users who are affected by this update, we are offering 12 months of free premium. This gets applied automatically when you update. And hopefully this gives you plenty of time to decide if you like the app still, if you want to continue with Premium or go back to Basic (which still includes sync and many great features). If for some reason you’re not seeing the free 12 months applied, please contact us at and we’ll take care of it for you. Sync and basic features are always free.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium/Cloud?

For many years we have made a great Todo list app and have provided many of our basic features for free. In order to effectively run the company, we have to occasionally make changes to what is free and what is not. This pricing page describes the detailed differences between Basic and Premium/Cloud.

What is the difference between Todo and Todo Cloud?

These apps are essentially the same and in time we will merge them both. By consolidating down to a single iOS app like this, we can provide better support, more features and stay current and competitive. As long as you’re using the same login, either app will work the same for you.

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